About me

I'm Ravi Murugesan and I'm a small business owner in India providing services through my firm Wide Learning. I spend a lot of time on Moodle sites, especially INASP Moodle. I'm a Moodle administrator, certified course creator (MCCC) and course facilitator, and I work with INASP's partner institutions in Africa and South Asia. I've recently visited Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Vietnam to facilitate training workshops related to capacity building involving the use of Moodle.

Every now and then I give a talk about something to do with Moodle. Among the most memorable events I've attended was the first Moodle conference in India. The founder of Moodle was in the audience and tweeted about my talk!

Recent highlights of my work are in these two blog posts:
I've published a couple of papers related to my Moodle work which you can find on my Google Scholar profile.

At the moment I have a mobile base in India. Email me if you'd like to say hello: ravi@uwalumni.com

PS. Wondering what "Turn editing on" means? When you want to create, add, or edit something in an online course on Moodle, you have to first click a link called "Turn editing on". I click this button a lot as a Moodle teacher and I'll probably never tire of it, so I've named my blog thus.

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